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<<--  Entry for:  August   16, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  August   16, 2017 Elephants in general love the taste of some plant roots and among the orphans there are those that know how to find them! There are those that toil away to get these roots as well and those that just stand around waiting to see if they can steal the fruits of this labour. Murit and Tagwa are a couple of these ‘scavengers’ and whilst Rapa diligently unearthed a root, before he could even have a taste, it was snatched away by Murit who then proceeded to have a fight with Tagwa over it. Rapa was annoyed with their behaviour and he gave up, moving away to browse on some nearby bushes.

A short distance away Sana Sana had identified her own special root and was toiling away in trying to unearth it, whilst be watched by Malkia. Sana Sana wasn’t ready to give up and surrender it to someone else, even when Malkia started pushing her. Mbegu was watching as well and realised the situation could develop further so she stepped over to separate them and deny either of them from getting the root.

Ambo seems to have been in a bad mood today as he pushed Esampu several times today for no reason. It is normally Esampu who is naughty but today Ambo seemed to be annoyed with her for some unprovoked reason. The first time she was just busy feeding on the pellets when Ambo head butted her and a keeper separated them. Then he went and head butted Jotto who was doing the same but Jotto didn’t let him get away with it and he engaged him in a fight to teach him a lesson.

Rapa beginning to dig up a root

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