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<<--  Entry for:  August   2, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  August   2, 2017 Godoma, the mini matriarch of the Nursery family and leader of the younger group, fully understands her role and always comes to the other babies when she is needed. At the public visit today when their time was up and they had finished their milk, the first group was on their way back to the forest. Godoma was leading the group out and across the little bridge where the water runs down the rocks and the others were following in line, all except Kuishi and Esampu who were being very playful and shoved the smaller babies to the side to get to the front. Musiara hates to be pushed around and yelled out loudly for help as he ran back to his keepers, but little Sattao was pushed into the water. Godoma was very concerned and pushed all the others out of the way to get to the little ones. When Musiara saw Godoma coming he ran towards her as she rumbled and pulled him under her neck. Sattao made his way out of the water and he and Luggard also joined Godoma as she walked out with Musiara. There was no more pushing after that as they all knew they would suffer the consequences from Godoma if they dared.
At 3pm while Enkesha was enjoying soil dusting, Ndiwa accidentally stood on her trunk and she shouted out in pain. It was Malkia who ran over to check she was okay and although it was an accident she drove Ndiwa away from the area for hurting Enkesha.

Sweet Godoma

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