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<<--  Entry for:  August   20, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  August   20, 2017 The orphans had to cross a stream of water this morning whilst heading out to the forest. Sattao was ahead of the group following the keepers who were leading the way. When he got to the stream he stopped as he didnít want to step into the water as it was cold. He watched as the rest crossed the water and Murit arrived and got stuck in the same place. They both started walking along one side to see if there was a dry place where they could cross but they didnít manage. Murit struggled to cross but when he saw the last keeper cross the water he felt he had no other option that to walk through the water. Sattao thought there might be another option but when none came and he realized that everyone was leaving him behind he began to yell for help. Mbegu had already gone ahead but when she heard him shouting she came running back with her ears raised high, responding to the little ones yelling with a low rumble. She crossed over to him and checked him all over with her trunk, inspecting of he had been hurt. Tagwa, who is fond of Sattao, also then arrived and they seemed to have a conversation as then Tagwa started to lead in front and as the little boy was pushed from behind by Mbegu as he tried to feel the temperature of the water with his trunk. Finally they all crossed and joined the rest of the group.

Mactau decided to learn some skills with a football today and played with Sattao and his keepers. Then he decided to take a nap and Malkia came over to guard him but then ended up taking a nap too. The keepers woke them up when it was time for them to go for their 3pm milk feed.

Poor little Sattao didn't want to cross the water

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