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<<--  Entry for:  August   27, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  August   27, 2017 When the orphans were coming out of their rooms this morning, Tamiyoi was very reluctant to leave hers as she has become attached to her new neighbour, the new elephant who arrived the other day who we have named Emoli. He is still building up his strength and is yet to join the others out in the forest. Tamiyoi and Emoli have been communicating when she is back in her stockade and throughout the night they touch each other with their trunks through the partition between their stockades. Thus this morning Tamiyoi seemed reluctant to leave him behind and when the keepers tried to bring her out to join the others who were already walking out to the forest, she started to yell in protest that made the new baby start yelling as well which quickly brought Mbegu running back to find out what the problem was. Before she reached the compound though she met with Tamiyoi who had finally agreed to leave her stockade and they walked back out to the forest together. Tamiyoi has a very caring and protective nature and we hope she might lead a lovely family out in the wild one day!

Tamiyoi was very reluctant to leave her room

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