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<<--  Entry for:  August   7, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  August   7, 2017 The polite boy Ndotto took a bit of a break from the herd this morning and stayed away from his friends to spend time with Musiara and Luggard. Usually it’s Malkia who goes to Musiara’s door to wait for them to come out of their stockades, but today it was Ndotto. He browsed on a small bush in front of their stockades whilst he waited and the keepers tried on a couple of occasions to make him join the others in the forest but he kept dodging them and hiding behind the stockades. When Luggard and Musiara emerged from their rooms he joined them in the compound, but not without sneaking into their stockades to look for any leftover lucerne pellets. When they finally made their way to the forest they all walked at Luggard’s speed, mindful of his injury. Ndotto stayed with the baby group until the 9am milk feed when he joined Kauro, Mundusi, Pare and Lasayen deep in the forest. Pare is working very hard to try and over power Lasayen and he spent more than one hour wresting Lasayen this afternoon. Eventually Ndotto had to separate them.

During the public visiting hour it was Tagwa’s responsibility to guard the mud bath from warthogs. She made sure that no warthog came to share the much coveted lucerne pellets but there was one naughty one that did not pay attention to her threats. He was a big male and he was so determined to have some pellets that Rapa had to team up with Tagwa to drive him away. Tagwa then stood on the edge of the mud bath to keep an eye on him and any others that might try to sneak back.

Ndotto going to Musiara

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