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<<--  Entry for:  August   8, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  August   8, 2017 Nowadays, little Musiara is becoming a great friend of Luggard. When the orphans come out of their night stockades in the early morning, Musiara does not want to walk out before Luggard. If he does exit his room first, he stays alongside Luggardís stable door and knocks on it to get Luggardís attention and tell him it is time to get ready and join him in the forest for the day. When Luggard leaves his stable you can see little Musiara is overjoyed and they both happily walk together side by side. In the field they browse shoulder to shoulder together throughout the day and prefer each otherís company over the other orphans. The reason why Musiara is happier around Luggard is that he moves very gently, is very welcoming to the little boys and he browsers not far from the keepers which Musiara also likes to do. The other orphans opt to take their browsing activity deep into the forest and we have some bully boys like Ambo, Jotto, Ngilai and Rapa who are not always friendly and gentle when interacting with the little boys like Musiara so he prefers to keep his distance and have the keepers close by.

Luggard, Kuishi, Sattao and Lasayen

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