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<<--  Entry for:  September   3, 2010  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  September   3, 2010 The sun came out at about l0.30, which pleased the orphans, who enjoyed warming up. At mudbath Sities was her usual playful self. As the Keepers were bringing the smaller elephants back to their Night Stockades in the evening, it suddenly began to rain, and the Keepers had a difficult time persuading Sities to return, because she just wanted to play in the rain. She and the others were escorted into Suguta’s Stockade for shelter from the rain, but Sities continued to roll in the wet mud, so the Keepers had to forcefully lift her out, not wanting her to get a chill which could turn into pneumonia.

Sities going in for a dip

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