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<<--  Entry for:  October   11, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   11, 2017 Last night Sonje and Murera seemed to be quite agitated in their stockade and appeared to be pushing at the roof as well as at the gate and stockade walls. The keepers did not see anything that could be bothering them, so assumed that they were being mischievous and playing some sort of game. The keepers tired to get them to stop their nonsense but the two girls did not seem to be in listening mood. When they came out their stockade in the morning, Sonje was still in a pushing mood and tried to push her keepers but when they told her off, she took to charging at the trees pushing them. The keepers think that she may have been influenced by the wild elephants that had been around the stockades earlier last night, drinking from the waterhole.

Faraja and his friend Ziwa decided to make their way to the forest without the rest of the group. Quanza took the lead of the remaining orphan herd. Quanza held on to Zongoloniís tail as they walked, something that Zongoloni didnít like and she made her feelings known by pushing Quanza to get her to stop holding her tail. The orphans walked all the way to the Kenze area in search of fresh vegetation to feed on. Murera looked quite tired by the time the arrived on the hills and needed to take a bit of a rest. Mwashoti stopped to rest with her and the rest of the group stopped walking so that the two would not fall behind. Ngasha and Jasiri walked up to Zongoloni and the three showed lots of affection to one another as the happily interlocked their trunks rumbling gently amongst themselves.

Quanza picking up lucerne

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