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<<--  Entry for:  October   19, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   19, 2017 In the morning, the keepers assembled the orphan herd to begin the days browsing activities. Alamaya and Mwashoti were keen to begin the day and were able to do so as soon as the matriarchs of the group joined the herd. Today many wild elephants were seen running towards the Kibwezi forest, trying to escape a wild fire that was burning in the Chyulu Hills. The Chyulu Anti-Poaching team working with KWS rangers were busy trying to prevent the fire from reaching the forest. We could all see the smoke in the Chyulu Hills and we prayed that they would be able to get the fire under control soon.

When the orphans arrived at the waterhole at noon they had their noon milk bottle, and after made their way to the mud wallow where they splashed water ontheir bodies. Alamaya and Mwashoti went to the dustbath while Jasiri looked for Faraja to engage him in some pushing games. Sonje didnít want the two boys to play pushing games as she was worried they would upset the two younger boys who were happily enjoying their dustbath. She managed to prevent the two boys from getting to one another, forcing them to play on their own and thus preventing them from being disturbed the little ones.

Orphans after lucerne feed

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