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<<--  Entry for:  October   22, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   22, 2017 Lima Lima and Zongoloni were having a fight over which one of them would get to look after Alamaya today as the group was browsing in the bushes. Alamaya seemed to lag behind the group browsing at his own pace. Lima Lima was worried that being on his own, he may be bothered by Ngasha who sometimes harasses Alamaya by touching what is left of his tail, something that Alamaya has never liked. After some deliberation it was decided that Zongoloni would look after Alamaya and make sure that none of the other orphans bothered him so that he could browse in peace.

At the mudbath and milk feeding time Lima Lima came running in pushing the babies out of the way as she tried to be the first one to be given her milk bottle. The keepers managed to effectively keep her away, giving Zongoloni the opportunity to arrive at the milk feeding area first with Jasiri, Alamaya and Mwashoti, allowing them to have their milk before the greedier orphans arrived.

When Mwashoti got to his milk bottles he picked them up just as he had seen Zongoloni and Jasiri doing. Despite being older Murera has not been able to do this and always relies on the keepersí assistance when having her bottle. Once the orphans had all had their share they headed to the mud bath where they wallowed before enjoying a dustbath. They then returned to the browsing fields avoiding the path that their wild friends had taken.

Ngasha scratching neck

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