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<<--  Entry for:  July   17, 2017  -->>

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Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  July   17, 2017 Today the orphan herd headed towards the Chyulu Hills for their browsing session.  Along the way Quanza found some dung from some wild elephants and started to sniff at it. Zongoloni did the same and decided to pick up some of the dung and taste it.  Mwashoti was not happy about what Zongoloni was doing and prevented him from tasting the dung by taking it out her mouth.  Mwashoti was not happy about what Zongoloni was doing and prevented her from tasting it, like he is not yet familiar with the fact that wild elephants taste each other’s dung so that they know what vegetation to feed on; Zongoloni just wanted to know what vegetation was best to feed on from what can be found in the Chyulu Hills and the Kibwezi forest.

When it was time for the noon milk feed the keepers did all they could to try and get the orphans to the milk feeding area.  Sonje, Ziwa and most of the rest of the orphans were quite far up the hill and did not seem keen on coming down.  As such the keepers decided to drive the milk to where the orphans were located.  When the vehicle started approaching the area Lima Lima started running towards it.  The keepers had to come and get between her and the car to keep her away so that she would not kick over the bottles and spill the milk as well as to ensure that each orphan got their correct share.

Ngasha browsing

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