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<<--  Entry for:  July   21, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  July   21, 2017 Lima Lima came running out of the stockades this morning and tried to get to the store to steal some lucerne and pellets. The keepers knew what she was up to and did their best to get her away from the supplement feed store but not rebore she had already grabbed a few trunkfuls which she was munching on as she went to join the others. Ngasha and Alamaya stuck close to her and tried to steal some lucerne from her but were unsuccessful in doing so.

Sonje walked slowly to the lucerne feeding corner with Mwashoti and Murera rumbling to Mwashoti to keep close by her side. After the lucerne feeding was over theorphan group made their way to the Chyulu Hills where they had a lovely time browsing and all seemed to be happy with one another. Some Guinea fowl flew out of the bushes and over their heads giving them all a fright causing them to run off. Zongoloni lifted her head up and looked at the sky to see if she could fine what it was that had startled them but could not see anything. The keepers went to see what the problem was and discovered that the Guineafowl were simply protecting their nest as they did not want the elephants tostepnot their eggs.

Sonje scratching

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