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<<--  Entry for:  July   30, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  July   30, 2017 This morning a lot of trumpeting was heard coming from the bushes around the stockades. The trees could be seen moving as something ran through them. The orphans were feeling rather scared wondering what was going on. The keepers made sure to keep close to the orphans so as to keep them calm while they all waited to see what was causing such a commotion. When nothing came out of the bushes Ziwa and Lima Lima went to investigate and found some big buffaloes fighting. This gave the two orphans a fright and had them running back to the keepers and the rest of their friends.
Today we decided not to put the lucerne in the usual place and instead called all the orphans to the water springs area so that they could enjoy their lucerne in peace well away from the fighting buffaloes who could cause injury to the orphans and the keepers should they decide to charge while in an agitated fighting mood.

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