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<<--  Entry for:  August   2, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  August   2, 2017 When Murera and Sonje led the orphans all the way to the springs to have some fresh water there, some of the crocodiles were out of the water but before Lima Lima could smell them, one of the crocodiles jumped into the water as it was afraid it would be stepped on by an elephant. The elephants got a fright and then realised it was just one of the small crocodiles. The keepers kept an eye on Alamaya and Mwashoti.

Whilst at the springs, Alamaya began pushing Zongoloni; he is feeling very big and strong these days and has a lot of energy, but Zongoloni pushed him back knowing that Alamaya is still a baby boy and is no match for her yet. The older bulls Jasiri and his friend Ziwa were watching how Alamaya tried to test his strength on one of the big girls!

Orphans examine a fallen acacia tree

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