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<<--  Entry for:  August   26, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  August   26, 2017 After a peaceful night in the stockades the orphans exited their quarters looking refreshed and ready to begin their day in the forest. Two wild bulls that often come to visit the orphans at the stockades in the night were today found by Murera, Sonje and Mwashoti breaking branches from an acacia tree. Sonje came to a halt and communicated to Murera that they should change direction and the three of them did an about turn to browse in a different part of the forest away from the wild boys. However, Faraja and Ngasha walked towards the bulls and greeted them. The two boys stayed and browsed with the bulls for a few hours until it was time for the noon milk feed. The keepers whistled to call the babies to come out of the bushes so that they could go the mud hole and have their milk. Murera and Mwashoti were the first to join the keepers joined a few minutes later by Sonje, Lima Lima and the rest of the orphans.

Alamaya and Murera leading orphans to Umani Hills

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