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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit - 8  /  2017

The two smallest and most recent graduates to Umani, Mwashoti and Alamaya, are growing day by day, especially with all the succulent vegetation around, and are becoming more confident in their abilities and strength. Alamaya can already pick up his own bottle and feed himself and both boys engage their older friends more and more in pushing and wrestling games. Alamaya often plays with Zongoloni as she is fair with the youngster and knows not to push him too much, but the Keepers were surprised when Alamaya managed to push Ngasha as well. He is picking up on some of Ziwa’s naughty habits and the Keepers were worried that Ngasha would retaliate and push Alamaya back but thankfully that didn’t happen. Sonje often rumbles encouragement to the youngsters and makes sure to stay close by so as to offer support, should any of the others become too rough with them.

Ziwa is becoming slightly naughty and defiant of the keepers, wanting to go his own way and do his own thing, but luckily he still listens to the matriarchs Murera and Sonje. He can get a bit pushy with the younger boys as well but is usually reprimanded for his bad behaviour by Zongoloni, Quanza or one of the older females. All the of the orphans have been enjoying the acacia seed pods which grow from the trees during this season and drop to the ground to be enjoyed by all kinds of wildlife. Ziwa again refused to go back into his bedroom one day because he was enjoying this delicious snack too much, and was almost locked out of the compound until the keepers tricked him inside with a handful of seed pods. Murera and Sonje provide a helpful role to the young boys who cannot reach the branches with these tasty treat and pull down branches for them to enjoy as well; baboons and other wild elephants capable of pulling entire branches or even small trees also help the orphans reach this tasty treat.

There were quite a few restless nights for the Keepers and the orphans this month for various reasons. One night Lima Lima was apparently having a nightmare and was yelling so loudly in her sleep it woke the keepers. Another night we received some heavy rain and the loud noise it made on their roof unsettled Mwashoti and Alamaya who set off a chain reaction as their yelling upset Murera and Sonje and then Lima Lima and Quanza who began pushing on their gates to see what was wrong! Ziwa, Faraja and Ngasha then began pushing on their gates and the Keepers had to come out and settle every one down in the rain.

There were lots of wild elephants around this month who occasionally interacted with the orphans. Sometimes they would visit the stockade compound during the night and drink all the water in the trough, so the Keepers would have to fill it up for the orphans in the morning. The orphans are still very much learning elephant etiquette and how to behave around the older wild elephant, especially the big bulls. One day Ngasha touched a big bull’s tail, which is obviously not very polite, and he had to run away. Another day, Ziwa pulled a wild calf’s tail and had to quickly run away from its angry mother. Sometimes, the orphans get it right though and Ngasha later quietly approached the mother and calf who she allowed him to browse with them and touch her calf as well. Sometimes, however, the wild bulls are so huge the orphans are not even sure how to approach them and keep a wide berth, not wanting to share the mud bath for fear of being knocked over! Faraja and Ngasha managed to browse with two wild bulls for some hours another day though, right up until their noon milk feed. 

Photos Taken During this Month for the Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit

Murera walking up the hill 8/1/2017

Limalima and Zongoloni look for palm trees 8/1/2017

Orphans wallow after feed 8/1/2017

Orphans examine a fallen acacia tree 8/2/2017

Ngasha looks for soft branches 8/2/2017

Mwashoti walking to Sonje 8/2/2017

Sonje leads Mwashoti to the forest 8/3/2017

Limalima drinking her bottle of milk 8/3/2017

Ngasha leads the orphans home 8/3/2017

Charging orphans 8/4/2017

Alamaya licking salts 8/4/2017

Ngasha scratches his bottom on the mud 8/4/2017

Sonje looking for soft branches 8/5/2017

Ngasha amongst soem falled acacias 8/5/2017

Ziwa peeling some acacia bark 8/5/2017

Murera and friends enroute bottle feed 8/6/2017

Alamaya has funw ith a palm tree 8/6/2017

Jasiri looking out for the baboons 8/6/2017

Alamaya and friend maneuvering a rocky place 8/7/2017

Jasiri and friends strength testing games 8/7/2017

Faraja looking for grren branches 8/7/2017

Murera on the way to bottle feed time 8/8/2017

Orphans feed off an acacia 8/8/2017

Zongoloni with a wild bull 8/8/2017

Jasiri crossing the road 8/9/2017

Ziwa at a waterhole near Chyulu hills 8/9/2017

Murera in a playfull mood 8/9/2017

Sonje ready to leave for morning browsing 8/10/2017

Alamaya playing in the bushes 8/10/2017

Murera walking away with Alamaya 8/10/2017

Mwashoti and Jasiri browsing 8/11/2017

Ziwa scratches on a fallen tree 8/11/2017


Friendly Antelope joins the orphans for pods 8/12/2017

Murera rushing for feeding time 8/12/2017

Orphans enjoy browsing 8/12/2017

Alamaya and Sonje ready for morning browsing 8/13/2017

Orphans leave a main waterhole 8/13/2017

Orphans at smaller water hole after hot walk 8/13/2017

Jasiri browsing along Chyulu Hill 8/14/2017

Zongoloni browsing on Chyulu Hills 8/14/2017

Alamaya looking for soft brqanches 8/14/2017

Murera wiating for Mwashoti 8/15/2017

Zongoloni and friends at the waterhole 8/15/2017

Quanza in the thick bushes 8/15/2017

Zongoloni walking to the forest 8/16/2017

Faraja licking salt 8/16/2017

Quanza dusting 8/16/2017

Orphans after milk feed 8/17/2017

Muddy Jasiri 8/17/2017

Alamaya after wallowing 8/17/2017

Mwashoti scared of the screaming baboons 8/19/2017

Murera taking Mwashoti to the saltlick 8/19/2017

Limalima at the saltlick 8/19/2017

Murera waiting for Mwashoti 8/20/2017

Orphans enjoying drinking at the waterhole 8/20/2017

Alamaya feeds on twigs 8/20/2017

Sonje picking pods in the morning 8/21/2017

Jasiri in the bushes 8/21/2017

Murera ready for mud bath 8/21/2017

Zongoloni early morning browsing 8/22/2017

Quanza enjoys the green branches 8/22/2017

Alamaya enjoying the lush grass 8/22/2017

Alamaya descending from the hills 8/23/2017

Zongoloni reaching for acacia brancehs 8/23/2017

Limalima exiting the water pool 8/23/2017

Ziwa at the water trough 8/24/2017

Alamaya and Mwashoti pushing games 8/24/2017

Alamaya walking towards Umani Hills 8/24/2017

Ngasha and Sonje fighting over green branches  8/25/2017

Orphans walk to the mudbath 8/25/2017

Orphans enjoy the water hole 8/25/2017

Alamaya and Murera leading orphans to Umani Hills 8/26/2017

Orphans testing the water 8/26/2017

Mwashoti drinking at the waterhole 8/26/2017

Ngasha enjoys mud bath 8/27/2017

Murera relaxing on the grass 8/27/2017

Lima lima stretching after wallowing 8/27/2017

Ngasha pushing Ziwa out of the waterhole 8/28/2017

Sonje rubbing bottom in the mud 8/28/2017

Alamaya with the big girls 8/28/2017

Sonje pushed down an acacia looking for pods 8/29/2017

Zongoloni scratching legs 8/29/2017

Lima lima and Quanza looking for pods 8/29/2017

Murera talking the babies to the bush 8/30/2017

Quanza ready to begin her day 8/30/2017

Muddy orphans 8/30/2017

Sonje rumbles for Alamaya 8/31/2017

Zongoloni exiting the water hole 8/31/2017

Playful Faraja and Ngasha 8/31/2017
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