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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit - 9  /  2017

The Kibwezi Forest is kept lush year round due to the perennial existence of the Umani Springs and it is for this reason we chose to locate our newest Rehabilitation unit, Umani, there and introduce our disadvantaged orphans there; those that would certainly not be able to cope with the harsh drought-like conditions that are ravaging the rest of Tsavo. Sonje, Murera and Mwashoti all have compromised legs and walk with a limp; to walk the long distances that elephants normally have to forage, especially during the dry season, would put them at a serious disadvantage. Even within the forest eco system, the orphans do still have to walk quite far looking for fresh vegetation and return quite tired in the afternoon. These orphans are fortunate to have the added treat of the seeding acacia trees however. These pods are a delicious snack for the orphans and one they relish every time this season comes about. Sometimes they can eat so many of them their throats are dry and parched and they have to look for fresh clean water to quench their thirst! They wait patiently beneath the trees, along with bush bucks, as the baboons jump around and drop the pods from the branches, or collect them in the morning having been blown down during the night by the wind. The presence of these bush bucks around the compound however also tends to draw their predator, the leopard, which upsets the orphans and they will shout and bang their gates during the night if they spot them in the trees, especially little Alamaya.

Quanza is a funny little girl as she will choose not to follow the crowd like the others. One day as the others were enjoying their morning lucerne pellet supplements, she chose instead to find and collect up all the acacia pods on the ground so that when the others came to enjoy them, she had eaten them all. Another day she decided to eat the lucerne pellets whist the others devoured as many pods as they could find and they missed out on the other supplements! She is a clever little girl, but Murera was very annoyed with her and pushed her away. This month the Umani orphans were also given the new bigger milk bottles, so that the contents from the two they used to receive before now fits into one, plus a bit extra! The orphans were left very confused on the day of the transition however, feeling satisfied from the amount of milk they had but having been used to two bottles instead of one, they wondered if they were being cheated of some milk! Eventually they left the feeding area satisfied that they were actually content.

We are enjoying watching the babies Alamaya and Mwashoti grow in size and character, although as bulls this does mean they are becoming slightly more boisterous and mounting on some of the females and play fighting. One day Alamaya intentionally walked up to Mwashoti and pushed him over, which was quite harsh considering Mwashoti’s compromised foot and he was reprimanded by the Keepers and Murera as well. Both boys sometimes team up with Ziwa in the morning as well to raid the lucerne store, behaviour previously more becoming of greedy Lima Lima than the two youngsters! They remain the babies of the group though and are molly-coddled by all the females, especially Murera, Sonje and Lima Lima. They especially do not always enjoy the wild elephants in the forest, of which there have been plenty this month considering the dry conditions in the rest of the area, approaching the two young boys. Each interaction with these wild herds is different and sometimes our orphans are feeling more sociable than others. Generally the males Ziwa, Faraja, Ziwa and Jasiri and sometimes Quanza and Zongoloni too are more interested in interacting with them. Lima Lima loves the wild babies but needs to work on her manners somewhat as she can be a bit over zealous and end up pulling their tails which always brings an end to that meeting!

Photos Taken During this Month for the Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit

Ziwa deep in the bushes 9/1/2017

Sonje talking to Mwashoti 9/1/2017

Babies looking for acacia pods 9/1/2017

Alamaya leads orphans to bottle feed time 9/2/2017

Jasiri blocking Alamaya's way 9/2/2017

Lima Lima at the water hole 9/2/2017

Ziwa scratching bottom on a rock 9/3/2017

Ngasha picking at an Acacia tree 9/3/2017

Mwashoti dusting games 9/3/2017

Murera and Keeper at feed time 9/4/2017

Sonje showing swimming styles at mud-bath 9/4/2017

Ziwa coming out of mud-bath 9/4/2017

Alamaya cools off with the mud from the heat 9/5/2017

Quanza only splashed part of her body 9/5/2017

Jasiri leaving the mud bath 9/5/2017

Sonje scratching on a tree 9/6/2017

Murera playing with Jasiri 9/6/2017

Orphans at the dust bath 9/6/2017

Sonje comforts Mwashoti 9/7/2017

Jasiri blowing bubbles 9/7/2017

Zongoloni looks after Alamaya at dust-bath time 9/7/2017

Ziwa sniffs the air to see where the others are 9/8/2017

Faraja enjoys the soft green grass 9/8/2017

Mwashoti follows Murera home 9/8/2017

Wild friends come to the water trough today 9/9/2017

Little Mwashoti trying to reach the acacia shoots 9/9/2017

Jasiri spreads his ears to cool his chest  9/9/2017

Lima Lima selects soft green leaves 9/10/2017

Quanza arrives for mud bath time 9/10/2017

Zongoloni taking away Mwashoti from the waterhole 9/10/2017

Sonje charging at the monkeys 9/11/2017

Orphans find a water hole to cool off in 9/11/2017

Babies ready to go home 9/11/2017

Sonje playfully charges around in the bushes 9/12/2017

Limalima wallowing in the mud 9/12/2017

Mwashoti playfully mounting Sonje 9/12/2017

Sonje takes care of Alamaya after midday feed 9/13/2017

Murera walks to Mwashoti who was trumpeting 9/13/2017

Quanza leeds orphans home from Chyulu Hills 9/13/2017

Orphans at the mud bath 9/14/2017

Sonje very muddy after wallowing 9/14/2017

Murera scratching his bottom 9/14/2017

Orphans at Kenze bushes 9/15/2017

Ngasha smelling Faraja's mouth 9/15/2017

Quanza and Zongoloni having some fun 9/15/2017

Orphans browsing peacefully 9/16/2017

Sonje walking away with Mwashoti after mudbath 9/16/2017

Ngasha dusting his back 9/16/2017

Ziwa splashing mud 9/17/2017

Wild bull visits and dusts himself 9/17/2017

Orphans drink water before heading home 9/17/2017

Orphans early morning drink of water 9/18/2017

Orphans ready for morning activities 9/18/2017

Mwashoti and Alamaya pushing games 9/18/2017

Zongoloni leads orphans to midday feed 9/19/2017

Faraja picking green soft leaves 9/19/2017

Ngasha continues to wallow whilst the rest leave 9/19/2017

Limalima walking out to an open area 9/20/2017

Orphans at the water trough 9/20/2017

Ziwa scratching his bottom 9/20/2017

Alamaya breaks off a soft branch 9/21/2017

Babies drink water whilst their Keeper looks on 9/21/2017

Murera leaves the dustbath 9/21/2017

Playful babies walk to the forest 9/22/2017

Murera stretches her body 9/22/2017

Ngasha arrives at the water hole 9/22/2017

Jasiri walking away with a big bunch of lucerne 9/23/2017

Orphans at midday dust bath 9/23/2017

Babies walk to Umani Hill 9/23/2017

Faraja trying to reach for a sweet branch 9/24/2017

Sonje very happy in the mud 9/24/2017

Alamaya coming down slowly fron the rocks 9/24/2017

Murera and Jasiri browsing 9/25/2017

Ziwa enjoying mudbath 9/25/2017

Orphans at the dust bath 9/25/2017

Sonje grazing 9/26/2017

Ngasha trying to sleep, standing 9/26/2017

Zongoloni and Alamaya licking salts 9/26/2017

Murera walking to the Springs 9/27/2017

Mwashoti runs for bottle feed 9/27/2017

Alamaya can smell other wild animals 9/27/2017

Babies browsing 9/28/2017

Jasiri leads orphans to the midday bottle feed 9/28/2017

Sonje and Mwashoti waiting for Murera 9/28/2017

Sonje and Alamaya ready for morning activities 9/29/2017

Faraja in the forest 9/29/2017

Jasiri and Quanza at the water trough 9/29/2017

Thirsty babies in the morning 9/30/2017

Ziwa pushing down trees 9/30/2017

Alamaya trying to climb over a rock 9/30/2017
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