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<<--  Entry for:  March   10, 2010  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  March   10, 2010 Lesanju led the orphans out to browse along the Southern Edge of Msinga Hill. On the way there Shimba and Mzima became preoccupied feeding and lagged behind leaving a large gap between them and the rest of the group. Upon realizing that they were alone they bellowed and ran at full speed to join the others. When they arrived the others gave them a warm greeting and they all proceeded to play in the soil together. Mzima, Siria and Shimba rolled around mounting one another trumpeting happily. They later browsed their way towards the waterhole where Kenia was the most playful at the mudbath. As it was a hot afternoon they took refuge under the shade of an acacia tree. Taveta took the lead on the way to the stockade.

Shimba enjoying the green browse

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