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<<--  Entry for:  July   13, 2011  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  July   13, 2011 The orphans left the stockade early as usual and settled to browse at Kanziku area. At ten o’clock in the morning, Kora, Lualeni and Kamboyo were spotted crossing the Kanziku road heading towards mud bath. Kora had something hanging on the right side of his body which made the Keepers suspicious. On inspecting him further, it was found out to be a poisonous arrow. The Keepers encouraged the Ex Orphans to return with them to the Stockade in order to remove the arrow. There Kora was held inside the stockade for the removal of the arrow which the Keepers managed to pull out, but half the poison had obviously entered his body. The wound was washed out and antibiotic spray applied. Kora was then taken to join the Juniors so that he could be closely monitored and a report was made to DSWT H.Q. in Nairobi, who arranged for a chartered plane to fly down extra medication for Kora in an attempt to allay the affects of the Akokanthera arrow poison. This is the second time that an ex orphan has been shot by a poisoned arrow, the first incident being in December 2008 when Napasha came in with an arrow in the top of his trunk. The arrow was extracted and he was held in stockade for two days, but showed no adverse affects. Once he was out of danger he rejoined his Ex Orphan colleagues. In the evening Kora returned with the Youngsters and later Zurura, Loijuk, Makena and Rapsu came to the stockade and watched through the fence wondering what could have transpired to have Kora in the stockade with the babies. After some time, the ex orphans left. Shortly before dark, Lualeni came and stood outside the gate to see Kora. Lualeni happens to be Kora’s best friend. Lualeni decided to camp outside the stockade because she didn’t want to leave without Kora.

Kora shot with an arrow

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