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<<--  Entry for:  July   26, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  July   26, 2017 A cold and quiet morning as the elephants walked out to the lucerne field. There were lots of wild elephants and Ex Orphans in the area who were surrounding the water trough and drinking. All sizes were present, big tuskers included.

Kalama was rolling down on the ground playing. The orphans later walked back to the bush to browse as there was no lucerne available. While they were busy browsing, Olsekki was playing by rubbing his trunk on a Baobab tree. The three new arrivals, Wanjala, Galla and Ukame are settling in well although Ukame is still a bit anxious and sometimes keeps herself a separate from the others.

The conditions are getting drier and drier and it is getting harder for the elephants to find fresh vegetation. The group later met with Yatta, Wendi and Mulika who had their babies with them. They were on their way to the mud bath and began interacting with Sokotei and Wiva, browsing together.

At the mud bath there were more wild elephants present. Kinna and Galana were also present with their babies. Gawa was scratching on the visitorís cemented seat, guarded by the nannies.

They were waiting for the truck of water to arrive. Several of the elephants took water from here while others were busy playing in the mud bath. Naseku was rolling around on the ground and later went to roll by the bent tree. Sokotei and Lemoyian began play fighting with each other. Later on, a wild group of females with their babies came in to join them. Wiva was rolling on the ground with Sidai and Lenana guarding her. It was so much fun with the big elephants playing deep in the mudbath. The orphans walked back to the bush for browsing.

It was very hot in the bush today so the elephants returned to the mud bath in the evening to cool off. Back at the stockade some wild elephants and Ex Orphans were there drinking water at the troughs.

Yatta visits the orphans

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