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<<--  Entry for:  July   20, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  July   20, 2017 Early in the morning, Tamiyoi and Malima came out of their stockades earlier than the others and engaged in a pushing game in front of Jotto’s stable. Jotto’s stable is close to Maxwell’s stockade and on hearing the commotion, Max got up, came over and started head-butting his gate as he wanted to join in the game. Jotto and Ambo finally came out of their stockade and stood by watching the two girls wrestling, but Max continued head-butting his gate to try and entice them into a game. Eventually, the two boys decided to engage him in a running game and they ran up and down Max’s stockade with him following suit on the other side. These games were brought to a halt when the other orphans started coming out of their stockade, flooding the compound and eventually heading out to the forest one by one.

There was another incident this morning, which started with naughty girl Mteto. Quiet little Tagwa was feeding all alone when Mteto pushed her to the ground. Murit saw this and immediately disciplined Mteto and chased her away. Ndotto, saw Murit chasing Mteto and thought he was being a bully and went to discipline him. Luckily, Kauro, who must have seen the whole incident, stepped in to stop Ndotto and clear the air by pushing Mteto away.

Sneaky girl Ndiwa, lured Enkesha, Sana Sana and Mundusi away from the herd as the keepers were rounding the orphans up to take them back to the stockades for their 5pm feeding. They snuck through the mud bath area and came into the stockades behind the foster parents who were waiting for the orphans to arrive. They gave the foster parents quite a scare as Enkesha yelled for a way through, scattering people in different directions as the four ran into their respective stockades.

Malima in a pushing kind of mood

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