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<<--  Entry for:  July   24, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  July   24, 2017 Solio arrived in the middle of the night and walked directly to her stockade next to Maxwell. She seemed very tired as she went straight to sleep in the safety of the stockade. Max had been sleeping but woke up when he sensed her presence and called out to her but she didnít respond. After discovering where she was, he decided to sleep next to her but he kept waking up and calling to her throughout the night.

When Solio heard the elephants playing in the stockade compound, she finally decided it was time to wake up and started calling for her lucerne. Whilst she was eating her Lucerne, Maxwell was struggling to reach her through the bars but she didnít pay any attention to him. Only when she had eaten all her lucerne was it time to play with Max and the two had a lengthy conversation through the bars at the top of his stockade before she headed back into the forest. Max seemed to have been satisfied by their ďchatĒ since he did not behave as he usually does when she leaves. Instead of running up and down in a frenzy he walked back to his stockade and went back to sleep.

The new orphan, Maktao, is doing well but he doesnít go out into the forest until after the 11am public visiting hour because behaves very strangely when he is around mud or stagnant water and drops down to his knees and starts to eat it! For the few hours he was with the others today, Godoma stayed by his side taking care of him. Maktao became very jealous of Musiara as he seems to think he should be first priority and didnít want to share Godomaís attentions.

Sweet Maxwell sleeping beside his gate

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