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<<--  Entry for:  July   4, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  July   4, 2017 Jotto decided to play into the night last night and he did not sleep as normal. Since his 9pm milk feed he only went down to sleep for a short while before getting up and playing again! Whenever his night keeper thought he would just start to close his eyes for awhile Jotto would pull his blanket to make sure that he stayed awake with him! When he got his 6am feed he started pushing to go out, climbing up against the keeper’s bed and pushing the wall as well. It was still a bit dark because of the misty weather but due to his persistence the keeper let him out and he ran in a celebratory fashion straight to Ndiwa’s gate which is right at the top of the stockade area. When Ndiwa saw him approach she moved closer to her gate to say hello. He came running back down to Tamiyoi’s door but she did not pay any attention to him. He started to push harder on her door trying to open it but was obviously unsuccessful. He moved on to Esampu’s gate and went down on his knees to do a head stand outside her gate and she did the same on the other side! This was a sign that she had accepted his game but he left and went to Maxwell’s stockade. Max too accepted the invitation to play and started running around inside his stockade, poking his horn through the posts of his stockade in excitement.

Jotto did not sleep well last night

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