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<<--  Entry for:  July   7, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  July   7, 2017 We can see that Sattao is becoming a little boy that likes to climb on things and he is always trying to climb on Musiara’s back whenever he finds him lying down. This morning Musiara was all alone and rolling in the soil when Sattao spotted him and came running over to climb on him. Ngilai was feeding in the bushes nearby and saw Musiara struggling to get up so he came over and helped nudge the baby Sattao away, to assist Musiara. Musiara got to his feet and was prepared to fight Sattao because he was annoyed, but Ngilai intervened and made sure a fight did not ensue. He kept initiating games to keep the atmosphere light and rolled on the ground so the two boys could bump and slide on him instead. They did not play for long before Mbegu came over as she was slightly concerned due to the fact Ngilai can be quite a rough boy. This time he was being very calm and gentle with them though.
Enkesha is one orphan that can lead and escort others even when there is no keeper to lead the way. She always knows where to go and what to do whilst others like Jotto, Ambo, Malima, Kuishi and Tagwa cannot really do the same; they always need a keeper to help direct them, or someone else in the group.

What started off as a dull mud bath today soon got more exciting as Jotto read the mood and decided to make it more fun. He tested the temperature of the mud with his trunk before jumping in and running up and down and playing with a football. Esampu joined him and Malima did not want to be left out of the fun either – within no time everyone was having fun in the mud and after they went to dry themselves on the soil piles. As Enkesha was rolling on the soil Jotto came over and started lying on her and she started screaming. The keepers ran over to help her as Godoma charged over to discipline Jotto.

Ngilai was a nice boy today

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