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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 NYIRO  Male  August 1999 Ol Donyo Nyiro  4 Months old  Found at Ol Donyo Nyiro by tribesmen stuck in a trench  Drought Related 

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2/6/2011 - For the first time this month Emily’s group came to the Stockade to visit Solango, who is comfortably ensconced in their old Enclosure which contains Big Boulders for rubbing against, a water trough to drink from, an awning for shade with supplements and browse brought for him daily. Laikipia and Lolokwe went straight in to greet him after which the entire group enjoyed a hand-out of supplements. They were joined later by Lesanju’s Juniors who also spent time with them before heading out to browse leaving Emily’s group who spent a long time at the Stockades. Absent from Emily’s group were Edie, Ndara, Thoma, Nyiro, Vita, and Sosian.

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 Nyrio, Emily and Natumi Nyiro in the mud
Nyrio, Emily and Natumi
photo taken on 4/20/2003
Nyiro in the mud
photo taken on 5/30/2002


A male calf estimated to have been 4 months old on arrival and therefore born in August 1999, this little elephant hails from one of the remotest corners possible of the vast Northern Frontier aridlands of Kenya. He takes his name from an isolated massif known as Ol Donyo Nyiro which rises from the lava deserts of the region. Found by tribesmen, like Ilingwezi, stuck in a trench, the fate of his mother and family is not known. Hailing, as he did, from the hardened population of desert elephants honed by natural selection, Nyiro was sturdy and strong, by far the friendliest but also the most demanding of all the young bulls. He was Aitong's special pet, and a great favourite with everyone, but the one person and thing he wanted above all else was our Head Keeper, Mishak Nzimbi, and Mishak's thumb to suck! Given half a chance Nyiro would have been happy doing this all day long, going into a trance of bliss.

Nyiro enjoying the mud  Nyiro in the mud

Nyiro was outgoing and sociable, usually the first to make contact with any wild strangers the orphans met during their travels. Within just a few days of being in Tsavo, to everyone's astonishment, he strode up to a wild Matriarch and with a dreamy look on his face, planted himself beside her foreleg bent on having a suckle! She gently pushed him aside, so the next best thing was Mishak's thumb...

Nyiro and Malaika  Nyiro and one of the Keepers

Nyiro was an opportunist, usually the first to anticipate the arrival of the Milk Tractor at noon, and was probably the most friendly of all the young bulls. It came as no surprise when he became independent of the Keepers with Emily's ex-orphan herd, and from there an adult solitary bull roaming Tsavo.

Nyrio, Emily and Natumi


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