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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 NASALOT  Female  January 2000 Nasalot Turkana  2-3 Months  Mother poached for Ivory, she was found by tribesmen  Poaching 

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4/19/2018 - The sky was clear when the orphans left the stockade. Karisa the street-wise boy took a few steps then stopped with his trunk up as if checking the whereabouts of Laragaiís group. Karisa could not understand why the two groups of Narok and Laragai have not shown up for two days now. We also did not know whether he had received any information from the search he conducted. At around seven o'clock in the morning, several ex-orphans including Nasalot, baby Nusu, Makena, Yatta, baby Yoyo, Kinna, baby Kama, Mulika, Mwende, Yetu and Makena briefly joined the juniors in Kone area where they had settled to browse. Naseku, who is fond of the young babies, spent some quality time with Kama, Nusu and Yoyo before they left with their group.

Shortly before mud bath time, Karisa sneaked off and disappeared without the keepers knowing. As they gathered the orphans to take them for their milk and mud bath, they realized that Karisa was missing. As they conducted their search, Karisa proved to the keepers how smart he was by showing up at mud bath while some of them were still toiling away in the bush looking for him. Karisa drank his milk and then walked to join his friends who had already gone back to the bush. Pare settled to browse with Roi and they settled down to eat and converse together. The rest of the day was quiet as the keepers kept a close eye on Karisa and Sapalan to make sure they didnít outsmart them again.

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 Nasalot with her keeper Nasalot being fed after having been rescued
Nasalot with her keeper
photo taken on 11/26/2002
Nasalot being fed after having been rescued
photo taken on 1/7/1995


A female calf born approximately January 2000; estimated age on arrival 2 - 3 months. "Nasalot" is a poaching orphan, her mother having been poached for her ivory near Nasalot in the Turkana region. There are only very few surviving elephants left in the harsh lava deserts of Turkanaland, and these survivors have had to turn nocturnal due to poaching pressure in an area known for lawlessness, feeding only during the hours of darkness, and in hiding in thorn thickets by day. We had great difficulty reversing Nasalot's sleeping pattern, for she wanted to sleep during the hours of daylight, and was extremely restless all night, pacing around the stable, and refusing to settle, which left her Keepers' exhausted by the morning! This was exacerbated by deep grieving for her lost family, whom she remembered clearly at her age, so psychological depression and lack of sleep took a heavy toll of her health in the beginning.

Nasalot being fed after having been rescued

However, Nasalot, being the product of natural selection amongst the few survivors within a population with strong genes, turned the corner at last, and recovered to become a healthy and strong calf, very gentle and extremely caring of tiny "Mweya", who sucked endlessly on her ears for comfort.

Nasalot with her keeper

She did well in the Nursery and was moved to the Ithumba Unit in Tsavo East in 2004. She is a beautiful elephant who roams with Yatta's ex-orphan herd, and in 2017 gave birth to her first born wild calf, a little bull called Nusu.    

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