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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 MULIKA  Female  March 2000 Meru National Park  7-8 Months Ols  Found by guests staying at Elsa's Kopje in Meru, suspected poaching victim  Poaching 

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10/21/2018 - Ex-orphans Rapsu and Zurura in the company of thirty wild bulls were relaxing outside the stockade compound when the orphans were let out. Shortly later, Yatta, Wendi, Nasalot, Sunyei, Mulika, Lualeni, Galana and Kinna all with their babies and fellow adopted sisters reported. All the nine wild born babies were present and active. The rascal Nusu had fun climbing on Wiva while Yoyo briefly played with Esampu. Half an hour later, the orphans left for browsing, leaving the ex-orphans and the wild elephants at the stockade compound. By eight o'clock in the morning the number of elephants coming for water had hit one hundred and fifty.

Out in the bush, Garzi started his day's activities by scratching on some rocks he came across. The temperature was moderate and the orphans concentrated mostly on browsing. At mud bath time, Dad and his company of twenty wild bulls joined the orphans at mud bath. The mud bath was brief for the orphans as they didn't want to have any conflict with the wild bulls.

On the way back out to browse, Karisa engaged Namalok in a strength testing exercise, a game that lasted for quite some time. Roi, Kauro and Kamok dodged the Keepers and teamed up with a group of wild elephants that were travelling to the stockade to drink water, where they joined the ex-orphans and stayed to wait for their friends. It was a busy day for elephants as they checked in for water and left again to create room for their friends. A record was set for the day, as within twelve hours, the elephants had drunk 40,000 litres of water.

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 Mulika's eye Mulika having a mud bath
Mulika's eye
photo taken on 11/26/2003
Mulika having a mud bath
photo taken on 10/25/2002


A female calf born approx March 2000; aged between 7 - 8 months on arrival. She was seen wandering alone by guests of Elsa's Kopje Lodge in Meru National Park who alerted K.W.S., after which this calf was captured, sedated and flown to our Nursery in Nairobi. Upon regaining consciousness, Mulika was extremely traumatized and very wild but soon calmed down with input from the other Nursery inmates. However, bent on escape, she was kept enclosed for a few days, until she was comfortable within the Nursery group, but it took many weeks for her to recover from the grief of losing her loved ones. The name "Mulika" comes from a place within the Park near where she was found.

Mulika and Solango  Mulika and Solango

Mulika had a loving and gentle little character at the Nursery, not overly fond of humans, but always very fond of "Nasalot" who slept in the next door to her at night. We are so delighted that now, as adults, these two friends still roam together in the same ex-orphan herd led by Yatta near Ithumba, both with their own first wild born calves, Mwende and Nusu.

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