The following is information on the Elephant Orphan named: MULIKA  (foster now)

Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 MULIKA  Female  March 2000 Meru National Park  7-8 Months Ols  Found by guests staying at Elsa's Kopje in Meru, suspected poaching victim  Poaching 

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9/19/2017 - Ex Orphans including Wendi, Mulika, Yatta, Galana and Kinna with their babies were waiting or the orphans to come out of their stockades this morning. The dependent orphans interacted with them when they came out while Wiva and Kama were busy playing and scratching on one of the rocks. The orphans later walked into the bush to browse.

Everyone was busy browsing as it is so dry in the area at the moment. Lemoyian was browsing next to Galla and later started walking to mud bath. At the mud bath we had a mixture of wild elephants, Ex Orphans and our dependent elephants who were all interacting with each other. Boromoko was playing and rolling in the dust while Shukuru led the other group to play deep in the mudhole with the wild elephants. It was so nice to watch the huge elephants socializing with the young orphans as they played. Later on, they walked to the dust bath and started dusting themselves with Tusuja and Boromoko having a play fight. The orphan group later walked back into the bush leaving Boromoko, Tusuja and Dupotto standing with the wild bulls near the water trough; they later followed their friends. All the five Ex Orphan babies were present with their mothers today – Gawa, Wiva, Kama and older babies Mwende and Yetu who are now 5 years old.

It was a very hot afternoon and the orphans converged under a Baobab tree for awhile to escape the heat. Kithaka was seen scratching on the rock with Galla and the rest busy browsing and searching for some green vegetation. Later on they all started walking towards the stockade for the evening milk. Suguta's group came to the stockade to drink water with some wild bulls. They drank water and left to go back into the bush after.

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 Mulika's eye Mulika having a mud bath
Mulika's eye
photo taken on 11/26/2003
Mulika having a mud bath
photo taken on 10/25/2002


A female calf born approx March 2000; aged between 7 - 8 months on arrival.

Seen wandering alone by inmates of Elsa's Kopje Lodge in Meru National Park who alerted K.W.S. after which this calf was captured, sedated and flown to our Nursery. Upon regaining consciousness, Mulika was extremely traumatized and very wild but soon calmed down with input from the other Nursery inmates. However, bent on escape, she was kept enclosed for a few days, until she was comfortable within the Nursery group, but it took many weeks for her to recover from the grief of losing her loved ones. The name "Mulika" comes from a place within the Park near where she was found.

She is a loving and gentle little character, not overly fond of humans, but very fond of "Nasalot" who sleeps in the next door to her at night.


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