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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 MARALAL  Female  Thursday, February 2, 2012 near Kirisia Forest, Northern Kenya  About 2 months  She was found by the community members having fallen down a man-made well  Well Victim 

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11/23/2016 - It was a bright morning for the orphans today as they milled around Maxwell’s gate sharing his food. Some were playing their hide and seek game, running up and down and in and out of different stockades which were all open now. There was a big difference to the previous wet mornings when the orphans had all been dull and quiet. This was a real happy and playful morning, especially for Rapa, Lasayen, Ndotto and Ngilai who led the others in the games. Even after they had walked to the forest their playful mood continued and most of them were engaged in ‘sizing up’ games. Kauro was playing a wrestling game with Tusuja, Dupotto was doing the same with Mbegu and Galla, who hardly plays with anyone, was playing with Maramoja. Malkia and Sana Sana were very busy driving away a large troop of baboons that were passing by. Malkia even went as far as trying to climb the trees to flush out those that tried to climb out of the way, and put her front legs up on the trunks. The orphans only began to settle down when the milk came out to the forest for their 9am feed.

Roi has recently become so much more stubborn at milk feeding times, just like the little girl Malkia. She is very strong and knows the old keepers from the newer ones who she does not respect as much yet. She keeps pushing and shoving the new keepers away from the wheelbarrow to try and grab milk bottles from there, meant for her friends. Today during public visiting she shoved one of the new keepers to the side who was trying to guard the milk, and ran away with the bottle – she has done this twice now!

Today the decision was made to go and rescue an orphan from Maralal whose mother had been shot in the leg and it had broken badly, as well as in the head a couple of times too. Today our rescue team left at 7am and arrived back in the nursery with the calf at around 3.30pm. We named him Karissia and he is still very wild but doing well.

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 Maralal Maralal with Kihari
photo taken on 4/13/2012
Maralal with Kihari
photo taken on 4/13/2012


The KWS team from Baawa Platoon stationed near the Kirisia Hills at Malalal received a report from the local community on Easter Sunday 8th April 2012 that a baby elephant had been left by its mother having fallen into a cattle well near the Kirisia forest above Maralal town. The Elephant Mother and the herd had gone to drink at this Cattle Well, and had obviously struggled hard to rescue the stricken calf but more than likely left hurriedly, panicking when herders brought their cattle to drink at the well. The Rescue, coordinated by Rauni Munene, Warden of Maralal Station, was led by Sgt. Lekishe and Larimado three Rangers who managed to extract the calf from the well. They then surrounded the baby and slowly walked the calf back to their camp with any evidence of her herd and elephants in the area long gone. By this stage it was becoming late in the day and it was clear there would not be the time for an aircraft to leave Nairobi and reach there before nightfall, so her KWS rescuers resigned themselves to the fact that they would be in for an extremely restless night.

The tiny calf was clearly distressed bellowing for her lost family and did not sleep a wink, neither did her rescuers. The Rescue plane left early on the 9th (Easter Monday) and the calf, a 2 month old female, was safely back at the Nursery by noon.

The Keepers leave for the rescue  Scenes from the rescue plane

The Keepers meet the men who helped rescue the orphan  The orphan is led closer to the plane in order to load the baby

The Maralal community gather to see the orphan  The Keepers get ready to load the orphan in the plane

The orphan with some of the men who helped save her life  The people responsible for co-ordinating the rescue as saving the orphan's life

The Keepers put the baby on the travel mattress for the flight to the orphanage  Everyone helps load the orphan in the plane

Off loading the orphan in Nairobi Wilson Airport  The calf is loaded in the DSWT Vehicle to be taken to the Nursery Unit

Stephen gives the orphan milk and re-hydration  The young orphan is tired upon arrival at the Nursery

She was named Maralal after the area she was found. She by this stage was clearly exhausted, and having fed on both milk and rehydration fluids she collapsed and slept soundly in the safety of her stable with a Keeper close at hand for comfort. Once she gathered strength she got to meet the other nursery orphans, and this served to both comfort and unsettle her. All she wanted was a ear to suck and was content to latch onto which ever of the older orphans was obliging – which was all of them – the fussing over this little calf left Kithaka alittle jealous having had their undiluted attention for some time.

Maralal having a nap while being guarded by the orphans  Maralal with all the big Nursery girls

The first night was unsettled with Maralal bellowing much of the night, and Sities and Naipoki bellowing back. In a stable close to Kihari she eventually settled. This continued for a couple of nights but now she understands the routine and the memory of her lost family seems to have dimmed.

Maralal sleeping while Naipoki watches over her  Maralal with Kihari

Maralal  Maralal walking with the herd


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