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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 LORIAN  Male  Wednesday, June 6, 2012 He lost his mother while his herd was driven off a farm near Rumuruti Forest  About 3 weeks  After being orphaned he strayed into a nearby village who alerted the KWS  Man Made Cause for Separation 

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7/15/2012 - Today Talio joined the other orphans after settling into the milk routine and becoming more accustomed to the Keepers. Everyone reached out to touch and feel him. Yet, despite appearing fine, within the hour Talio suddenly became weak and collapsed. The Keepers carried him back to the Stockades on the rescue canvas, where he was put on lie support, but after a bottle of normal saline and then dextrose he died within thirty minutes. This is yet another tragedy with which we at the Nursery have to come to terms, so soon after losing Lorian.

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 Lorian in the bush with the orphans Lorian with the Keepers and orphans
Lorian in the bush with the orphans
photo taken on 6/27/2012
Lorian with the Keepers and orphans
photo taken on 6/27/2012


During the evening of the 24th June 2012, the Security Guards of Simba Farm, Rumuruti, the agricultural area East of the Laikipia escarpment (North West of Mt. Kenya) spotted a tiny elephant calf who had been left behind when his herd had been driven off the farm early that morning. Hoping that the Elephant family might come and retrieve him during the night, they let him be, but he happened to spot a young African child passing by, and ran towards him. Terrified, the young boy took to his heals screaming, the baby elephant in hot pursuit simply compounding his fear. Hearing the boy’s screams villagers rushed to the rescue, so the little elephant attached itself to them instead, relieved to have company, since newborn elephants are usually part of a very adoring family and under normal conditions are never left unattended. The villagers sought the advice of the Area Councilor, who in turn alerted the local Chief. He then got in touch with a Kenya Wildlife Service patrol who happened to be in the Lorian area at the time, but by now it was 6 p.m., too late for a rescue that day. The Rangers held the baby overnight in their Staff Quarters, feeding him only water to keep him hydrated, aware that baby elephants are totally intolerant of cows’ milk.

The following morning (25th June 2012) the Area Warden called us at The David Sheldrick Trust’s Elephant Nursery. A rescue plane was sourced and chartered from East African Air Charters at Wilson Airport, and equipped with all the necessary paraphernalia, two Keepers were soon airborne, bound for the Simba Farm bush airstrip where they landed at 11.45 a.m. Meanwhile, the little elephant was being escorted to the airstrip, accompanied by hordes of interested spectators, turning up at 12.20 p.m. He was fed formula milk and electrolytes by the Rescue Team and before being loaded into the plane, the Keepers addressed the assembled onlookers thanking them for not harming the little elephant, who was extremely trusting and too young to know fear. He had been orphaned as a result of what is known as Problem Animal Control, his elephant family having been driven out of what is now human settlement but which in earlier times had obviously been part of their natural range.

Scenes from above during the flight  The Keepers arrive at Rumuruti

The Keepers feed the orphan milk & re-hydration  The Keepers give the baby milk

The young orphan curious about the plane  All those involved in the orphans rescue

The orphan in the rescue plane  Off loading the orphan at Wilson Airport

Lorian in his stable  Lorian

Lorian with Amos  Amos caring for the new arrival

The tiny elephant arrived at the Nursery at 2.30 p.m. He was in good condition, sturdy and strong, the hind-side of his ears still petal pink, but the umbilicus already dry so he is estimated to be 3 weeks old, since the hind-side of the ears turn dark at 6 weeks. He has been named Lorian and he brings the number in our Nairobi Elephant Nursery to 21 joining tiny Barsilinga, Balguda and Kithaka as baby bull Nursery miniatures, part of a new and adoring Orphaned Elephant family.

Lorian with the Keepers and orphans  Lorian in the bush with the orphans

The orphans welcome the new arrival  Walking in the bush with the others

Walking with the herd in the PArk

Our ability to rescue and care for orphaned elephants like LORIAN, so that they might be afforded a second chance at life in the wild when grown, is reliant on contributions from a compassionate global public. Any amount you feel able to give today helps us provide for the orphans in our care and those other elephants in need of our help Thank you


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