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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 SWEET SALLY  Female  February 2001 Sweet Waters Ranch  6 Months old  Her mother being so traumatized by their relocation to Meru abandoned her  Orphaned During Relocation 

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11/11/2017 - Today, Emily, Eve, Emma, Edie, Eden, Sweet Sally, Safi, Lolokwe, Siria, Taveta, Mweya and two wild elephant bulls came and stood outside the park, behind the elephant grid at the park entrance. The group had had missed the standard gauge railway corridor and had followed the Ngutuni fence line to the park entrance where they awaited assistance to re enter the park. A section of fence was opened up for them and they made their way straight to the Voi stockade.
The group had walked from the sisal estate sanctuary, several miles away where they had been seen about two weeks ago, to the park entrance unharmed. Emma, Eden and Safi enjoyed a game of chasing one another around the stockade compound.

Lesanju, who had arrived at the stockade in the morning, was seen to be shying away from Emily’s herd. She then went to greet Eden at which point Taveta engaged her in a wrestling match. Lesanju left the stockade together with Emily’s herd later that day.

In the evening, at 6.40pm, a report of an orphan male elephant calf aged about three years old was reported by the Kenya wildlife Service gate attendants. The gate staff had received a message from a tour driver who found the orphan baby stuck in a ditch and in a state of collapse. It is believed that the orphan elephant had been there the whole night and day. The calf was rescued and following drips that were administered during the course of the night, it was able to get back to its feet.

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 Sweet Sally with keepers in Tsavo Sweet Sally and Julius
Sweet Sally with keepers in Tsavo
photo taken on 10/3/2003
Sweet Sally and Julius
photo taken on 12/10/2002


On a tiny Ranch near Nanyuki called “Sweetwaters” a baby elephant was born in Feb 2001. She and her mother were amongst others moved to Meru National Park because their home Sweet Waters ranch was obviously too small an enviroment for them, and everytime they stepped off the ranch they were in direct conflict with human settlement and cultivation. Along with 52 other elephants it was decided by The Kenya Wildlife Services to relocate this group to Meru National Park. This was a successful mission, but for Sweet Sally’s mother who made the long journey with her calf the journey and new environment proved too much for her and she was so traumatized on arrival that she just ran and ran, leaving the calf behind. Failure to locate her meant that the calf had to be treated as an orphan, and on the 25th July 2001 she was flown to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Elephant Nursery in Nairobi National Park, there to join three other infant elephant orphans and be nurtured and reared through the fragile first year of infancy. She is called ‘Sally’ to honour the memory of brave Sally Dunne, who died of cancer May 2001, and ‘Sweet’ to identify her origin.

Although on arrival Sweet Sally was a very sad little elephant, with the haunting memory of her mother and family all too clear, she has settled in well, mothered and protected by Mulika and one day “Sweet Sally” will roam the vast wild places of Africa and in this way Sally Dunne’s wishes will come true. Through this Elephant she will always be in the place she loved the most in life.    

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