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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 MWEIGA  Female  October 1998 Aberdares / Mweiga  7 months old  Herd driven out of a settlement in Mweiga where she was left behind  Problem Animal Control 

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2/1/2008 - The Voi Stockades have remained very quiet this month, because since the death of Mweiga on the 22nd December 2007, Natumi’s group has not been back. Emily’s group was monitored by the Keepers for the first half of the month (up until the 16th) feeding around the Eastern side of Mazinga Hill, but then also moved further afield. Lissa and her three calves now seem to be traveling with a large wild cow who has two calves of her own, Lissa taking on the role of Nannie to the wild babies. They have been sighted feeding at the Kanderi Swamp, where there is a lot of grass and which is probably where our other orphans are spending time, even though they have not been spotted by the Keepers, who have had to stick to the roads. The only permanent member of the Voi Unit at the moment is the orphaned zebra mare named “Serena” who is walked out into the bush on a daily basis, with some of the Keepers, whilst others do the rounds hoping to catch a glimpse of our now wild herd of elephants.

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 Mweiga enjoying the mudwallow Mweiga seeking out the shade
Mweiga enjoying the mudwallow
photo taken on 3/10/2003
Mweiga seeking out the shade
photo taken on 4/25/2002


A female calf born approximately in November 1998 and rescued at approximately 7 months. Mweiga was a victim of "problem animal control", her family having wandered into human settlement near Mweiga, so she comes from the Aberdare forest population. The herd was driven out of settlement by thunder flashes at night but Mweiga was left behind. She was big for her age, estimated by the Vet who darted her for capture to be a year old, when in fact she was barely 7 months, and as such should have been a Nairobi Nursery candidate. Instead she was flown direct to Tsavo where she suffered from the heat, and severe psychological depression, missing her elephant family sorely.

Mweiga in the lush green grass

Daphne Sheldrick flew down to Tsavo and decided to separate the orphan group so that Emily and Aitong could remain near the Stockades with Mweiga, who needed 3 hourly milk feeds. From that moment on Mweiga enjoyed the privileged status of Emily's "special baby", a position she enjoyed until the arrival of Tsavo, who, being smaller, usurped this special place, plunging Aitong into a psychological depression for a few months. Were it not for the selfless devotion to Mweiga of both Emily and Aitong, we would probably have lost this calf, because in the beginning she lacked the will to live and was always a little fragile, her legs showing signs of weakness. We suspect that this might be caused by mineral deficiency due to her forest background, where rainfall leaches nutrients vital for an elephant's large bones from the soil.

Mweiga seeking out the shade  Mweiga enjoying the mudwallow

Mweiga is a delicate, but very sweet elephant, and has a sensitive disposition.    

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