The following is information on the Elephant Orphan named: VITA  (foster now)

Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 VITA  Female  June 2000   14 MonthsTsavo West National Park    Poaching 

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2/26/2017 - It is very dry all across the country at the moment, even here at the Nairobi nursery so the orphans walk deep into the forest to get the best browse in the early morning. The big orphans especially like to walk deep into the forest; Ukame, Kelelari, Karisa, Maramoja, Galla and Wanjala like to walk even further off. Even though Luggard would like to keep up with his age mates, he is not as able due to his one broken leg and he has become accustomed recently to spending the day with the young babies who spend their day less than a kilometer from the orphans stockade, but at least he has the benefit of elephant company! He is very happy in their company and enjoys browsing peacefully and quietly near the keepers. Poor Enkesha, the elephant with the snared trunk, is doing well and using the ‘fingers’ of her trunk at the end to pick things up and put them in her mouth, and also dusts her back using her trunk as well! Only time will tell how the trunk heals or if the decision is made to amputate it after all, but with the use of her vital ‘fingers’ still it is a difficult decision to make.

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 Vita in the Tsavo Mud wallow Vita enjoying the greens in Tsavo
Vita in the Tsavo Mud wallow
photo taken on 12/8/2004
Vita enjoying the greens in Tsavo
photo taken on 12/12/2002


The female calf named "Vita" was found on the Tsavo River not far from the Tsavo bridge that spans the main Mombasa/Nairobi road. She was with another smaller calf, both of whom were in a pitiful condition, emaciated and starved, since both being between 1 and 2 years old were still milk dependent. (No calf orphaned under two years of age can survive without milk, even though at that age, they are eating vegetation.) People from the Chinese road gang reported seeing one of these calves alone, so our Keepers and Isaac Maina, our Orphans Overseer, set forth in the Trust's old "Greens Truck" to see if they could find and rescue what was obviously an orphan.

Vita enjoying the greens in Tsavo

Surprisingly, they found and rescued not one, but two, one of whom was "Vita". Sadly, the smaller calf died soon after arrival at the Stockades in Voi, but Mvita, who was about 14 months old at the time, settled in, and taking a cue from the other resident orphans, was hungrily gulping down milk. After several days being confined in the Stockades, she had tamed down sufficiently to be able to accompany the other orphans out in the bush during the day.    

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