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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 NDOMOT  Male  October 2003 Ol Donyo Nyiro  6 Weeks  Fell into a well dug by tribesmen in a sand lugga at Oldonyo Nyiro  Man Made Cause for Separation 

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4/29/2011 - Soon after the Juniors had left the Stockades in the morning the entire Ex Orphaned herd and their 2 wild bull friends turned up to drink. Absent were Mgeni and Ndomot, Ndomot having been missing for several months having accompanied Mgeni on one of his excursions and not returned along with him.

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 Ndomot having a mudbath Ndomot play fighting with Madiba
Ndomot having a mudbath
photo taken on 11/1/2004
Ndomot play fighting with Madiba
photo taken on 11/1/2004


Today, the 26th November, 2003, on the day all Muslims break the fast of the Holy month of Ramadam, we welcomed another little 6 week old elephant into the Nursery from the same remote corner of Kenya that yielded Sunyei, orphaned under the same circumstances, having fallen into a well dug by tribesmen in a dry Northern sand lugga in a very arid part of the world. He comes from Ol Donyo Nyiro district, so he is a tough little dry country elephant, about 6 weeks old, and in good condition. Great credit goes to his rescuers, three Samburu tribesmen, obviously brothers, named Barin Leruso, Ltaisan Leruso and Kibatoi Leruso.

Ndomot arrives in the Nairobi nursery

They did everything right, under difficult circumstances; gently pulled the baby elephant out of the deep hold without breaking his tail, trunk or delicate ears, gave him only water, and no cows’ milk (which is death to an elephant), and via a crackling radio at a remote Police Post, managed to contacted KWS in Nairobi.

Ndomot is carried in a stretcher to his stable

Credit is also due to Cpl John Muchuri of KWS, who oversaw the rescue most proficiently, not forgetting the Officer on duty at KWS Nairobi, who, on a Public Holiday, was there to field the call and relay the details to us.

Ndomot immediately bonds with Edwin  Ndomot went through a period of being terribly sick

Ndomot getting stronger


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