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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 ARABA  Female  December 2013 Tsavo East National Park between Ndara and Dakota  Just under two years old  Found with her mother who had multiple arrow wounds and despite vet treatment succumbed from her injuries  Poaching 

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5/30/2018 - The orphan elephants walked left the stockade early this morning and headed to the browsing fields as soon as the milk and supplement feeding was over. Tahri interacted with Godoma and the two were seen browsing together and communicating in low rumbles. Kenia approached the two and embraced them tenderly touching them both with her trunk, giving them lots of love and affection.

In the afternoon, Mbegu, Ngilai, Lasayen, Ndotto, Murit and Godoma who arrived first for their noon milk bottle were escorted by a keeper to the baobab water hole where they found the big water bowser refilling the mud bath. The big size of the truck coupled with the huge down pour of water confused the youngsters who went running to their keepers who had to work hard to calm them down and assure them that everything was okay. Ngilai kept on occasionally lifting his trunk and sniffing the water bowser to make sure that it was not a big predator. Embu came in running into the mud bath and lay in the water stretching her trunk to grab Murit and Lasayen’s legs in an effort to get them to join her mud bathing games. In the end she managed to get Godoma to join her in some mud bath fun.

Ndotto became a little jealous of Lasayen's soil bathing games, and came in pushing him with his short tusks to get him to get up and leave his dusting position to him. Kenia enjoyed mud bathing games with Araba who continues to be Kenia’s favourite “baby” and has been reluctant to abandon Araba for any of the new arrivals which makes Araba very happy.

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 Sweet Araba Araba in her stockade a week after arrival
Sweet Araba
photo taken on 10/26/2015
Araba in her stockade a week after arrival
photo taken on 10/26/2015


A seriously injured and ill elephant was brought to the attention of the DSWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit on the 19th of October, seen on the plains between Ndara and Dakota Tsavo East National Park. Remaining by her side was her small calf. The cow had multiple horrific arrow injuries, and due to septicaemia the prognosis regarding her recovery has very guarded. She was immobilised for treatment and meanwhile the calf remained nearby. When revived she was too weak to be able to stand, despite being helped with straps around her tusks, and she slipped away before everyone’s eyes.

The calf with her mother  One of the arrow wounds can be clearly seen

The elephant darted for treatment  An arrow head removed from a wound

Trying to help the elephant to her feet  Capturing the calf

The captured calf is restrained  Preparing to load the calf into the vehicle

All attention now focussed on rescuing her still milk dependent calf and the Voi Keepers and Anti-Poaching Team, together with DSWT Field Manager Trevor Jennings were called to assist. Once the teams arrived they were able to capture the female calf without anesthetisation and she was loaded into the waiting Landcruiser and driven slowly back through the Park to the Voi stockades where she was placed in a taming stockade.

The calf arrives at the Voi stockades and is offloaded  Offloading the calf from the vehicle

The offloaded calf is carried to the stockades  Carrying the calf to the stocakde

The calf is placed in a stockade  The restraints are removed

Araba relaxing in the stockade after arrival  The calf is named Araba

The presence of the other orphans had a calming effect on the newcomer and she instantly took milk from a bucket. It was a couple of days before she was sufficiently tame to take milk from a hand held bottle but once this had been accomplished she settled rapidly. We gave her the name ‘Araba’ meaning Elephant in the Waliangulu tribal language and estimated her age on arrival to be just under two years old, still very much a milk dependent candidate.

Trying to get Araba to take some milk  Araba in the Voi stockade

The calf a couple of days after arrival  Araba in her stockade a week after arrival

Sweet Araba


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