The following is a list of the Rhino Orphans reared from infancy by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: 

Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned Options
 MAARIFA  Female  Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Meru National Park, Rhino Sanctuary  2 days old  Found stuck in a muddy pool  Stuck in Mud  More
 SOLIO  Female  April 2010 Solio Ranch  6 months old  She was found standing by her injured mother whose shattered shoulder prevented her from standing and she could no longer protect her calf  Poaching  More
 MAXWELL  Male  Tuesday, February 14, 2006 Nairobi National Park  One year  He was running around aimlessly, there being no sign of his mother.  Natural Causes  More
 MAGNUM  Male  Thursday, January 30, 1997 Nairobi National Park  Born at the nursery  Magnum is the calf of an orphan called Scud  Sick Mother  More

We also have a page on older rhino orphans who were reared from infancy.

For more information on the specific orphan's we have raised please see their individual profile's below or refer to our Orphan Project Section of the site.

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