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Letter by: Mutinda Kimel | Muthini Mbula | Paul Mukulu |  

Tsavo National Park Trip
Mangalete Wildlife Club
Mutinda Kimel

We were going to the national park on Saturday.  Everything had been arranged and so we were waiting for the day.  On that day I prepared my self breakfast and left for the school.  When I reached school I found all pupils had arrived, soon the bus arrived in the school compound and so we all went to the parade ground and got into the bus immediately.  When we got into the bus the driver drove the bus up to the main gate of Tsavo West.  When we arrived we alighted from the bus and then for about two or three minutes we were called our names from the wildlife cards one after another getting into the bus.

After that the gate was opened and we got into the park, it was my first time to visit the park and I was excited.  When we were on the way we reached a campsite where there were two tents.  When we continued with our journey we saw zebras they had black and white stripes on their body.  We also saw gazelles that were similar to antelopes.  We continued with our journey up to satanic larva flow, we were all very interested in it.

From there we went to Mzima springs where my friends and I were very interested with the animals and we saw crocodiles, hippos, fish and monkeys.  We got into a hut made of glass and saw different fish like tilapia, perch and other just to mention a few.

From there we went to Chaimu hill where the pupils and teachers climbed it except the game ranger who guarded the bus.  We were told that the mountain was formed by a volcano.  After we alighted from the hill we hot to the other hills that are called the rolling rocks and we carried our lunch and climbed on top of them where we then ate our lunch.

After there we went through the grassland where we saw giraffes with spots on their coats and buffalos and elephants.  We then went into Ngulia lodge where we saw a swimming pool where tourists swam.  We also went to a small house that was in an open space where we saw with binoculars more elephants and buffalos.  We then went to a place where things were sold.

From the lodge we went through the grassland where we saw even more elephants and buffalos as well as giraffes, soon we arrived at the gate and got back to school at six o’clock and then left for home.

I want to thank the Trust for the visit to the park, it was the first time ever that I visited the park.  I now feel that animals are our friends and should be respected 

Tsavo National Park Trip
Mangalete Wildlife Club
Muthini Mbula

 It was on Friday afternoon when a vehicle of the David Sheldrick Trust arrived at school. The driver seemed to be very happy as he drove carefully in front of the classes.

The driver opened the front door and got into the headmasters office.  We stood quietly in our classes chatting excitedly.  We thought it was something different but our patron called us and informed us that we were going to visit Tsavo West, the following Saturday on twenty two, February two thousand and three.

The day came and after I made my self ready I left for school as early as possible.  In fact I am sure that it was before cockcrow!  The morning was so dark and gloomy as if to for tell the future.

The bus came speeding very fast and we all got in and sat comfortably on a seat.  We set off at seven O’ clock during the morning.  On the way it moved very fast.  I was terrified and shocked beyond words and I couldn’t ever speak.

After two hours we alighted at the gate of the national park.  We stayed there for about two and a half hours and were about to give up.  As we were keeping the pot boiling our driver drove us through the gate which had two pictures of elephants.

I thought the place where the world animals were kept was like mountainous area but lo! It was arid and semi arid areas.  First I saw some dears which fed on grass and leaves they were sprayed with water.  From there we saw the Zebra, it had white and black stripes, the leaves of the trees are very green and this makes it hide from its enemies.

We moved to the Satan Larva flow, I was mighty amazed to see that it was created by the process of vulcanizing.  We continued with our journey and saw the hills of the National park.  The first hill was the giant’s hill whereby we were told to climb it.

It was very difficult to climb so I tried harder and harder but all was like chasing a black cat in the darkness.  I feared that my friends could laugh at me and protest that I must climb.  Infact “every cloud has a silver lining”.  I checked down to see what I had left behind but all I could see was a toy car and a few shrubs.  We then had our lunch there and then moved to a hotel.  We saw tourists there and saw a swimming pool, it was very deep.  We then went to another hut where there was a binocular for seeing animals when they are far.  We saw elephants and buffalos grazing in a very steep place.  In fact I am sure that they did not stay there for more than one hour without fighting.

I am glad that I have learned more about my country. 

Tsavo National Park Trip
Mangalete Wildlife Club
Paul Mukulu

I can remember the day when a David Sheldrick wildlife Trust vehicle appeared in our school.  At first no one could realize it until when we saw our usual men Mr. Mbuthya we realized it.  Most of us jumped in ecstasy.  They told us that they have come to inform us of the day of the visit.  After some time our patron rung the bell and we assembled there and our patron stood in front of us.  He told us that we would visit the park on the 22nd of February 2003.  We broke into a dance on hearing the news and were in high spirits.  We spent the rest of the time preparing ourselves for this day.

The golden day came and the morning rays of the sun touched the top of the Chyulu hills revealing the giant rocks of all shapes and every description.  We all met at school at exactly six o’ clock and we got into the bus.  We sang some songs on the way to Tsavo and when we arrived at Mtito Andei we bought some packed lunches and then we drove out to the gate.  When we reached the gate we got out our cards and the rangers inspected them and then let us into the park.

We firstly entered the forest and on the way we saw lots of zebras with black and white stripes. They were very fat and looked healthy.  We then reached a place where we saw some tents and were told by our guide that it was a campsite.  When we left some gazelles darted into the bushes because of the noise of the bus they had long horns and were red in color, we were told that they were male because they had horns, females do not have horns.  The male heard is called a bachelor heard.  We soon arrived at a place where larva had flowed and made some hills.

Next we drove on our way to Mzima springs.  On the way we saw some buffalos resting under the trees with carved horns, the bus was going fast.  When we reached the springs we saw tourists with their cars parked under green trees, they photographed us as we walked around.  At the springs we saw water coming from stones and trees, we walked around where we found some hippos and crocodiles.  Finally we came to a house built under the water and we went in so that we could see the fish through the glass as well as a hippo.  We also fetched some water from the springs.  On the way to the next place we saw monkeys jumping in trees with their kittens.

We left Mzima for Chaimun hills.  When we got there we ascended one hill although it was very hard.  We then came down and drove away to rolling rocks.  It was a place with rocks and stones were laid and they were red in color, we ate our lunch there.

From there we went to Guria lodge which was a very beautiful hotel.  The place was smart and the dining hall had buffalo skulls in it, there were also trees and flowers planted all around the place.  There were also sprinklers which watered the area and a swimming pool for tourists.

We then went to a small hut where we used binoculars to see elephants and buffalos grazing.  We soon left for home and we saw more animals.  I really enjoyed the day because we learned so much about the animals.