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"A Visit to Tsavo West National Park

Our Patron had tried through thick and thin assisted by his fellow members of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Secretary to prove the plan as he had declared earlier in the last term.   All the members of Wildlife Club had been anxious waiting for the dawn of the day.  I woke up before the cock crew.   Within a shot time I was through with my morning chores.   The break fast comprised of sliced buttered bread.   I devoured it in a rather terrifying speed. After a couple of hours I was through with my morning chores

Feild trip to Mzima Springs.

It was a chilly morning.   The morning airs was unpolluted cold and good was the kind of gifts of which an active farmers enjoys as it licks his face while working on his garden.   Within a twingling of an eye I wore my school uniform and I went to school where we were waiting the bus.   Without wasting time we heard the bus before it come to sight groaning as if it was in pain.   It negotiated the nearby turners.   At that moment David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust came with a Pickup.   Pupils were running because of happiness.   They were happy as squirrel having a maize cob during famine.

Looking through the glass

Our teacher of wildlife, Mr. Malatu, calls names of members of Wildlife Club.   He said if you heard your name you got in the bus.   After that we start our journey to Tsavo West National Park.   The driver who was in its control held the steering wheel firmly engaged the first gear and soon the vehicle shot forward like a stone from a cullapit.   The vehicle soon disappeared like a chariot drawn by two dragon giants.   We reached Tsavo East and we saw antelopes and dikdiks.   To speak the truth we reached at Mtito Andei 9 a.m.   I was happy as a King when we reached there.   We got out of the bus and buy things.   After ten minutes we finished and we got in the bus and we went on again.   We went to first place.   When we reached Komboyo we stand there at the gate.   We were counted again and Teachers were giving their I.D. Cards.   After a few minutes we continued with our journey.   Driver drive a bus with a terrifying speed and we reached at Mzima Spring.   At Mzima Spring we saw many animals - monkeys, hippo, crocodiles and fishes.   We went into the house.   It was made of grass and we saw big fishes running in the water.   It was an interesting place.   From Mzima Spring river we took our lunch and ate it.

We went to Chaimu Mountain.   That mountain was formed by volcanity.   The hills is a kind of black soil.   There is a material which is called concrete.   From there we went to Roaring Rock.    The place is like Rift Valley.   The air is enjoyable.   When you are at that place you can see Kilaguni, Mzima Springs, Shetani lava.

From there we went to Kilanguni.   We saw an aeroplane standing.   Animals we saw at the Park are antelope, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lesser kudu, males with horns, females have no horns, gazelles, buffalo and monkeys were behaving like person.

Geographical features we saw Shetani lava, Mzima Spring, Chaimu, Roaring Rock, Five Sisters and Rhino Valley.   We returned home early as usual.   We thank God for our journey.   We didn't get any problem.   Again we thank David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for what we saw.

That day will not fade out of my memory.   Let God bless you David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for your job and let God make you to continue with your work forever."