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Ivani Primary School,
P.O.Box 282,
Mtito Andei,


The Moore Foundation

Dear Sir,

The whole Ivani primary school humbly salutes you. The donation of educational books is very welcomed and has come at the right time.

I in particular thank you for your quick and positive response after such a short visitation of our school grounds. I feel that this shows a high sense of responsibility, of which the Ivani community will always remember.

Due to the lack of books and money our school has had a very high student drop out rate and this we fear is a contribution to snaring. We hope to see an improvement over the coming months and will keep you updated on all the Ivani news. I assure you that your donation will assist us in educating the youth of Ivani.

We are deeply grateful for all that you have done for us,.

Kind Regards

Mduu Julius
Head teacher