Pictures from the MAMBA TEAM KIBWEZI FOREST Shown Below

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Patrolling along the trailsConfiscated bicycle along the fence lineElephant stockades at Umani.Unknown person found eating baboon meat,near Duwa
Patrolling along the trails
photo taken on 12/1/2013

Confiscated bicycle along the fence line
photo taken on 12/1/2013

Elephant stockades at Umani.
photo taken on 12/1/2013

Unknown person found eating baboon meat,near Duwa
photo taken on 12/1/2013

Patrols at UmaniCharcoal burning at DuwaA adam at KenzePatrols at Duwa area
Patrols at Umani
photo taken on 11/1/2013

Charcoal burning at Duwa
photo taken on 11/1/2013

A adam at Kenze
photo taken on 11/1/2013

Patrols at Duwa area
photo taken on 11/1/2013

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