The trust has been involved in a myriad of different activities to help conserve the wildlife. Most notable is its work with the elephant and rhino orphans, which Daphne Sheldrick over many years has dedicated her life to seeing that her husband's vision continues. With an incredible history, this Trust has had some real impact in the lives of elephants and rhinos, who would have normally just died due to human poaching and surrounding population conflict. Also, by supporting many different programs the Trust has had a great impact in conservation, rearing elephants and rhinos, and many worthwhile activities.

Important Articles / Links

  1. Further Conservation Work by the Trust: The Trust is involved in many conservation projects  in our community.
  2. The Elephant Debate: The question of how best to "manage" Elephants --  highly sophisticated and sensitive pachyderms --  inevitably evokes heated debate.
  3. Nairobi National Park: An eye opening article on the history and structure of Nairobi National Park
  4. Elephant Emotion: An article on the emotional lives of elephants by Daphne Sheldrick
  5. Elephant Impact: An article on the impact of elephants on a large ecosystem over a long range study by Daphne Sheldrick.
  6. Opening the Ivory Trade: A link to BBC's discussion / radio show concerning the "one time sales" of ivory stockpiles to Japan
  7. The Tuli Elephant Debacle: A good summary of the events that transpired concerning the Tuli elephant youngsters taken from their families in Botswana.

Opening of the Electric fence,Tsavo East Northern Area   Ithumba electrical fence gate house

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