One off Auction – ‘Ashaka and Kamok’ Mural

This stunning wooden portrait has been created by talented artist Sherri Lewis and is based on the beautiful photograph of best friends, orphan elephants, Ashaka and Kamok.


This style of wood art is called ‘Intarsia’ which is a specialized technique of wood inlay dating back to 15th century Italy. In intarsia, each piece of wood is individually cut and fits together like a mosaic.

Ashaka and Kamok mural

Once the pieces are all fitted, each one is then carefully shaped and carved to create a three-dimensional appearance. The pieces are then sanded several times until softly rounded and smooth to the touch. Finally, before being glued to a wood background, they are wiped with a few coats of clear oil finish which protects the wood and enhances the grain.

The mural took approximately 40 hours to complete and is made up of 100 individual pieces, which are mounted on a stained plywood background.

Ashaka and Kamok mural

Woods used include: walnut, poplar, maple, cedar, yellow heart and pine. No stains were used on the wood and all colours are natural tones of the various woods used.

Ashaka and Kamok mural

The mural measures 18" in diameter and weighs 2kg.


‘When an issue grabs our heart and doesn't let go, whether it is world hunger, human rights, or homeless pets, it can inspire us to find a way to make a difference. I would like to share with you the cause which has grabbed my heart, and in turn, my art.’

Ashaka and Kamok mural

Sherri has been creating custom intarsia for over 15 years and in this time has made hundreds of stunning murals, including pet portraits, landscapes, and wildlife portraits. ‘I wanted to help raise funds for the wonderful work the DSWT are doing for the elephants’

Ashaka and Kamok mural

Sherri lives near Seattle and finds inspiration for her artwork in nature. ‘I love spending time outdoors trail running, rock climbing and hiking with my dog, Koji, a street dog who I rescued from Taiwan as a pup.’


Rescued within one month of each other, elephant orphans Kamok and Ashaka bonded almost instantaneously at the Nairobi Nursery. Offering reassurance, support and friendship to one another, these two little orphans have become quite the duo at the orphanage and although they are quite mischievous, they remain favourites among the Keepers!

Ashaka and Kamok mural



Title: ‘Ashaka and Kamok’
Artist: Sherri Lewis
Material: Walnut, poplar, maple, cedar, yellow heart, pine.
Size: 18” in diameter
Weight: 2kg

About the Auction

We are delighted to able to offer this exquisite, unique mural to the highest bidder in our ‘Sealed Cyber Auction’. The auction will run from 10th - 22nd March and 100% of proceeds from the auction will be donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Starts: 17.00 hrs GMT on 10 March 2015

Ends: 17.00 hrs GMT on 22nd March 2015

Current Highest Bid

As at 11.00 GMT on Monday 16th March, the highest bid for the hand-made ‘Ashaka and Kamok’ mural stands at: US$3,500. For your chance to win this one-off piece and generate vital funds for the elephants, you will need to bid in excess of US$3,500 – thank you and good luck.

How to Bid

The auction will be run through closed email bids. Bids can be placed by emailing in US Dollars. A bidder's full name, postal address, telephone number and amount of the bid must be provided. If a bidder is outbid, they will be contacted regarding the current high bid, allowing them the opportunity to increase their bid. At the end of the auction, 17.00 (GMT) on 22nd March, the bidder that placed the highest bid will be declared the winner.

Bidder Obligations

In submitting a bid to the DSWT, the bidder is stating their willingness and ability to pay up to the full value of their highest bid amount. This should be considered a binding commitment between the bidder and the DSWT and the winning bidder will be asked to make payment, which should be received within not less than 10 working days of the end of the auction.

Delivery of Artwork to Winning Bidder

The mural will be safely and securely packaged for transit to the winning bidder. It will be sent via a reputable ‘signed for’ courier service.

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