Edwin Lusichi
Project Manager - Nairobi Orphan Nursery
32 years old
Luiya Tribe
Idakho Clan - Born in Kakamega

Started working for the Trust in 1999

Edwin was born and bred in Kakamega, where there are no elephants and very few animals around, unless you live in the forest in which case smaller mammals, primates, reptiles and amphibians are what you are likely to see. He had never even seen an elephant until he came to work with the Trust. Despite his qualifications in computers and theology, he has grown to love the role he has found himself in, looking after the orphaned elephants. Edwin’s love of all the animals here at the Trust, along with his responsible manner, has been the reasons for him taking a role of leadership, now the Project Manager for the Nairobi Nursery Orphans and their Keepers. He feels that his leadership role is God given, as since primary school, through to secondary school and collage he has been charged with leading by example. 

Despite feeling that all the orphans are special, over the years there are a few that have that extra special place in his heart. Wendi is one. Edwin having been on her rescue, and finding this tiny day old calf not having had her mother colostrum even, and being a part of her survival and growth has been a real privilege, especially given her endearing personality. Ndololo is another. Our little blind elephant who tragically died just three months after having arrived in the nursery, being a part of his struggle for life against all odds, was humbling and an experience from which he learnt many of life’s lessons. More recently little Suguta, gripped by the jaws of death, lying motionless on a drip for 24 hours, but miraculously surviving all odds, and through no small part due to Edwin’s efforts. Seeing her grown and blossom is giving the gift of life to a very special creature and all this makes Edwin sleep well at night, knowing that he is doing something important and useful with his life, and reaping the rewards for it daily by being able to watch and learn and share a remarkable bond with an animal as challenging, as interesting, as special and as intelligent as an elephant.