The unusually harsh and prolonged dry season in Tsavo has now lapsed into drought conditions and we are working tirelessly to provide elephants and all wild animals with access to ample water sources through our borehole installations.

Travelling further each day to search for water, already some elephants have died of exhaustion and thirst. Sadly, some of these have been female elephants with calves of their own. Herds that search for water sources outside of Tsavo National Park risk conflict with communities or using unsafe wells that are dug by hand deep into the earth. With no reinforcements, elephant calves can become trapped, leaving their exhausted herds with the difficult decision of whether to remain with the baby or move on for the safety of the family as a whole.

In 2015 alone, our teams waded into deep wells or watering points to rescue five baby elephants. Thankfully we were able to reunite them with their mothers who waited desperately nearby. Sadly, for eight calves including Godoma and Ngilai, the call for help arrived too late. Their herds had already fled and we took them into our care, as orphans.

In these times of drought, it is crucial elephants have access to safe drinking water. Tsavo National Park is home to over 11,000 elephants and we urgently need your help to continue our vital water projects to provide fresh water for wildlife at this time of urgent need. To date we have successfully built 11 boreholes all of which are serviced and maintained, across the Greater Tsavo Conservation Area in strategic locations, providing fresh water to thousands of wild animals. We want to extend this lifeline for elephants, but we need your help to make it happen.

Today, please consider making a donation to The DSWT or, if you live in the USA, to the U.S. Friends of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, to fund our vital water projects in this time of urgent need.

However much you are able to give, it will help keep elephant families together and prevent mothers facing the anguished choice Ngilai and Godoma's mothers had to make.

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