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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a small flexible charity, established in memory of David Sheldrick, famous Naturalist and founder Warden of Kenya's giant Tsavo East National Park in which he served from 1948 until 1976. 

Since its inception in 1977 the Trust has played an extremely significant and important role in Kenya's conservation effort. Six Trustees assisted by an Advisory Committee of practical Naturalists with a lifetime experience of African conditions oversee and direct the operations of the Trust.

The orphan elephants and rhinos are just some of the many wildlife commitments we are involved in. The Trust does not solicit funds and relies entirely on donations from our caring and compassionate friends.

The Trust has been active in an educational capacity locally as well through articles for the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and the Press. It has funded field trips for students and provided advanced training in wildlife management for promising students.

The Trust has provided a blueprint for the welfare of animals in captivity and, in the case of elephants, illustrated the sophistication of their communication and their social needs.

It has perpetuated vital field knowledge and experience that would otherwise have been lost, and made it available to all National Parks in East Africa and some beyond.

This web site contains valuable information concerning Elephant & Rhino Conservation, elephant emotion, the orphans who have been raised by us, and much more.

Helping save the lives of orphaned elephants and rhinos who are ultimately released into the wild

Saving wildlife and wilderness is the responsibility of all thinking people. Greed and personal gain must not be permitted to decimate, despoil and destroy the earth's irreplaceable treasure for its existence is essential to the human spirit and the well-being of the earth as a whole. All life has just one home - the earth - and we as the dominant species must take care of it.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust   P.O. Box 15555 Nairobi Kenya

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