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In August 2009, two impalas were treated for snares at Voi gate in Tsavo East. The injuries inflicted were minor.

The impala is darted  Removing the snare

One of the wounds caused by the snare

The snare wounds after treatment  The impala back on its feet

Disinfecting the snare wounds

The snare that was removed from around the Impalas neck

Administering an antibiotic  The impala after treament

Two elephants were also treated for arrow wound injuries at Taita Salt Lick sanctuary and Luarenyi ranch. The wounds in both elephants were heavily infected. The Taita Salt Lick elephant had a good prognosis and is being monitored by the sanctuary scouts.

The immobilized elephant  The arrow wound seeping pus

Cleaning the wound  The wound was heavily infected

 However, the condition of the other elephant was very bad with a poor prognosis. It had three infected wounds; two on the left hind leg and one at the chest area. It was very emaciated and weak and walking with lots of difficulties. It was euthanized and the tusks recovered.

The elephant is darted  The elephant had 3 arrow wounds

Cleaning one of the arrow wounds  The arrow wounds were deeply infected

Two elephant calves were rescued after they were found and reported alone without family groups, one each at Satao camp water hole and Sheikh Salim ranch near Bachuma.

The lone calf with other wild elephants nearby

The captured calf  Offloading the calf at the Voi Stockades

Both were estimated to be 7-9 months and were in poor bad conditions. They died while undergoing rehabilitation at the Voi elephant stockades and Nairobi elephant orphanage respectively.

The young calf

The captured calf prepared for transport to the airstrip  Loading the calf onto the vehicle

The calf loaded onto the plane  The rescue plane takes off

A third calf aged 4-5 years succumbed to drought related causes (malnutrition) near the Satao camp water hole.

The young succumbed to malnutrition due to the drought

An adult elephant bull succumbed to internal injuries after it fell down a cliff along Voi River near Satao camp after the soft ground at the edge of the cliff gave in to its weight as it was browsing.  It was estimated to have been down the dry river bed for at least 24 hours before it was discovered by tour drivers.

The elephant bull lying on the dry bed of the Voi River

The Mobile Veterinary Unit operated by The David Sheldrick Widlife Trust working with The Kenyan Widllfei Service and funded by Vier Pfoten

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