REPORT FOR - October 2009

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After a prolonged dry spell in the Tsavos that impacted negatively on habitat and animals, the rains finally came in October. Availability of forage and water resources has improved. With the rains, the caseload remarkably went down as is usually the case during the wet seasons. Only one buffalo was reported with a snare at Voi Safari lodge and was promptly attended to.

The buffalo is darted  The immobilised buffalo with the snare around its neck

Cutting the snare in order to remove it  The buffalo gets back to its feet after the snare is removed


It was silent at Taita Salt Lick sanctuary where incidences of animal injuries are normally high. Except for ‘Irima’ from which an arrow was retrieved in September, none of the other two elephants at Taita ranch and Taita Salt Lick treated in September have been sighted again to assess progress. The former has recovered fully.

Report by Dr. David Ndeereh

The Mobile Veterinary Unit operated by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust working with The Kenyah Wildlife Service and funded by Vier Pfoten.

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