REPORT FOR - January 2010

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The unit resumed back from the December holidays on 14th January 2010. Since resumption, there have been few incidents requiring veterinary intervention. Only an elephant bull at Voi safari lodge in Tsavo East with a snare around the neck has been treated. The snare was loose and had not inflicted any injury. While the unit was closed for the annual leave, there were no serious emergencies that were reported. The Tsavos received very good rains in November and December 2009 and there is ample forage and water for the animals widely spread in the parks. As is the trend over the years, incidents of animal injuries reduce during the wet seasons.

The bull goes down after darting  The snare around the bull's neck

Cutting the snare  The snare after it is removed

The reversal drug is administered  The bull awake after the reversal drug is administered

Report by Dr. David Ndeereh

The Mobile Veterinary Unit operated by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust working with The Kenyah Wildlife Service and funded by Vier Pfoten

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