REPORT FOR - January 2011

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The month of January witnessed some scattered showers around the region which ensured availability of lush green vegetation and a fairly good distribution of water points within the conservation zone. Availability of forage and water in the park decreased conflict incidences between wild animals especially elephants and the surrounding community.

Case report

Cases handled by the unit involved traumatic injuries in former orphans released to the wild some years back caused by train accident while crossing the Nairobi- Mombassa railway line near Ngutuni area within Tsavo east National Park.

The Elephants, Emily sustained a small cut behind the ear near the neck. The wound is being managed by administration of iodine at the stockade and monitoring for any signs of infection where further treatment regimes will be instituted.

The cut behind Emily's ear

Irima, is a shy elephant treated on several occasions by the unit last year of arrow wounds. This time round he sustained a blunt hit in the leg with a small swelling on the medial side of the hind limb. Management involved close monitoring for further detororiation and close follow-up


He is a former male orphan who sustained a direct hit on the rear right leg with suspected tear of ligaments or tendons near the knee joint eliciting a lot of pain hence he rarely puts weight on the leg. There was no wound opening around the injury giving the injury a good prognosis but complicated by the massive body weight.

Solango on the way to the stocakde followed by a keeper

Treatment involved oral administration of Phenylbutazone administered given in milk. He was put in an enclosure where feeding is done by stockade staff.

Solango eating greens in the stockade

Solango's injured leg

Monitoring is to be done for a period of one month.

The unit again would like to thank its sponsors VIER PFOTEN through The David Sheldricks Wildlife Trust for the immense support in the year 2010 and a continued co-operation in the year 2011. We also thank The Kenya Wildlife Service for the great support we receive.

Report by: Dr Poghon J.

The Mobile Veterinary Unit operated by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust working with The Kenyah Wildlife Service and funded by Vier Pfoten

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