REPORT FOR - March 2006

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March started with the rescue of a young waterbuck on the 1st near Luggards falls in Tsavo East. It looked healthy at the time of the rescue but it died two weeks after at the Voi elephant stockade from undetermined cause.

The young waterbuck hiding under a bush  Dr. Ndeereh rescuing the young waterbuck

The young waterbuck in the mobile veterinary unit vehicle

Then on the 3rd we received the report of a limping elephant near Aruba dam in Tsavo east. The elephant is however lame due to a deformity of the right hind leg resulting from a malunited fracture sustained a long time ago.

The bull lame due to a malunited fracture  The lame bull elephant walking towards Aruba Dam

It was not manifesting any signs of pain and was bearing its full weight on the leg. Four other elephants with similar deformities have been seen before and reported in our previous reports. The last report in March was on the 7th from Amboseli of an eight-year-old male elephant with a fresh spear wound on the left abdomen. The wound was penetrating the abdominal cavity and a portion of the intestines was protruding.

Dr. Ndeereh examines the arrow wound

We found the animal had already succumbed to the injury, which had been complicated further by the tearing of the protruding portion of the intestines by thorns and tree branches.

The intestine was protruding from the wound  The eight year old male elephant died from a spear wound

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