The Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit

Field Report - July 2009

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Two cases were attended to in July. The unit did not operate most of July as the vehicle was undergoing repairs in Nairobi. One of the cases was an elephant at Taita Salt Lick with an arrow head on the right thigh. The arrow head was retrieved and the injury cleaned and treated. The prognosis for recovery was good.

The elephant is darted  The arrow wound

Removing the arrow head from the wound  The arrow head that was removed from the elephant

Disinfecting the wound

The other was a male impala with a snare round the neck near Voi gate. It had no injury.

The Impala with a snare around its neck  The immobilized Impala

Removing the snare  The Impala after the snare is removed

Report by: Dr. David Ndeereh

The Mobile Veterinary Unit operated by The David Sheldrick Wildlfie Trust working with the Kenyan Wildlife Service and funded by Vier Pfoten